About Us

Garlic (Allium sativum): a small plant with a big impact. When we first moved to Waterbury, Vermont, a small, sleepy community in the heart of the Green Mountains in 1979, we had no idea how important organic garlic would become in our lives. We started two adventure travel companies and for 25 years we ran bicycle and walking tour adventures throughout the world. We joked with our guests, “We run trips so we can eat fabulous foods from around the globe.”

Bob and Cindy Maynard, founders of Green Mountain Garlic

When not on the road, our love of local food and belief that organic and unprocessed food is the key to healthy living, led us to become enthusiastic backyard gardeners, producing and storing as much of our own food as possible.

Little did we know that the idyllic place we chose to start our lives together 30 years earlier would become a national leader in the local food movement (localvore). And, we would turn our passion for organic, local food into a small Vermont business.

When our youngest of three children left for college, we converted an old hay field into an organic garlic farm. For several years we grew garlic to develop our own seed stock.  This year we will be offering 10 different types of hardneck and softneck garlic for sale.

We hope that you’ll try some of our garlic varieties and experience the fun of growing your own.  If you’re not into growing garlic, we invite you to simply enjoy the outstanding flavor and health benefits of eating gourmet garlic.